Friday, July 20, 2012

Get Your PLN Info HERE

We had some questions last year about PLNs. PLN is a term that's been floating around the edtech/library world (and probably others we are unaware of) for a couple of years. PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. Most of us--you, too--already have one of some sort. It may be one of the teachers you work with, maybe your mentor, or an administrator. You may also have certain journals you read or columns you check. Those people, either physically present or not, constitute your personal learning network. They're your go-to folks. Chances are, your PLN could be more robust and informative to you if you did a little tweaking. Social media and web 2.0 tools make this easy. A school librarian, Jennifer LaGarde, has created an online tool absolutely chock full of how-to's for growing your PLN. Don't sigh and say, "I'll do this later." Start by taking a peek and some baby steps--you'll be amply rewarded.

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