Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Microsoft Office Will Stay

     If you've been reading our SCS Tech-Media News, or even just heard the word, we--as part of a CSSU program--were going to remove Microsoft Office from our computers and begin to rely on Google Docs and Open Office. Between the time this decision was made and real transition was beginning, Microsoft agressively lowered their prices. The new pricing makes it afforable to stay with Office instead of moving to Open Office and providing training for the move.
     Discussions about whether we stay with Office 07 or move to Office 10 are now underway. There are advantages to both systems. We will keep you posted on the news when a decision is made. For now, Office will be with us, although we are encouraging folks to use Google Docs for most tasks--it's more easily accessible and performs most of the tasks we use everyday.

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